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About me

Veronica Perez Karleson, artist. Photo: R. Tompkins
Veronica Perez Karleson, artist.
Photo: R. Tompkins

I am an artist and I make paintings, videos and clothes, and I have a blog where I write and draw about art and life.

In my work I explore the boundaries where opposites might meet. Where the linear and the cyclic, the known and the unknown, or the verbal and the non-verbal might mix or be difficult to distinguish.

My subjects are philosophical and social. I like playing with stereotypes and symbols to create new meanings. I also use texts that can sometimes be read and other times are encrypted. The unintelligible is a metaphor of the hidden or secret, of what we ignore or of what is censored.

Colour, or lack thereof, is also an important element in my work. Colour psychology helps me produce feelings that sometimes go with the rest of the content and sometimes contradict it, creating an ambiguous result.

With luck that ambiguity creates a lack of coherence that opens a dialogue between us.

Combining the serious with a touch of absurdity is my way of arousing your curiosity you so that I can share my concerns with you.

Mini biography

I was born in Malaga in 1973, of Swedish mother and Spanish father. This mix of cultures probably explains a great part of my work.

I studied graphic design in Malaga, in the early 1990s, and then worked as a designer within various companies as well as freelancing, both in Malaga and London.

Later, in 2007, I graduated from the MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London. My artwork has been shown in UK, Spain, USA, Croatia, Serbia and Morocco.

Recently I have studied applied colour psychology with Angela Wright.

I live in London.


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