art projects

My art projects combine aesthetic, philosophical and political elements to explore the manipulation of information, propaganda, and the shaping of identity by market economies.

In my work I integrate research on the mechanisms behind subliminal perception with the visual translation of the process of manipulating information and the graphical exploration of the elements that form written language. I also play with the concepts of contradiction, opposition, repetition, unintelligibility and absurdity.

video art: historical error video art: unadapted xyx28. encrypted feminist magazine video: colurolias
video: tetix the book of madness LAMPallure essence and existence
you, fascist (or the holy trinity of manipulation) video art: neighbours grafeos on-line qstnnr


video art

video art: tetix tetix
1' 33" 2013
video art: colurolias colurolias
10' 50" 2011
video art: yugo yoga yugo yoga
10' 46" 2010
video art: neighbours neighbours
101" 2010
video art: historical error historical error
25" 2009
video art: unadapted unadapted
30" 2009


other art projects

xyx28: encrypted feminist magazine encrypted feminist magazine
website, magazine and installation. 2007...
essence and existence essence and existence
installation. 2004
i love being with you i love being with u
art book. 2007.
You, fascist (or the holy trinity of manipulation) you, fascist (or the holy trinity of manipulation)
installation. 2003.
LAMPallure LAMPallure
text drawings. 2006.
The book of madness the book of madness
art book. 2003.
Qstnnr on-line qstnnr
questionnaire. 2006...
Propaganda propaganda
installation. 2003.
Laaaotfohc (language as an acknowledgement of the failure of human communication) laaaotfohc
installation. 2006.


paintings, drawings, and photographs

Grafeos grafeos
text paintings. 2003-2007
Paintings and drawings paintings and drawings
Photography photography


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