the book of madness

London 2003

book of madness

The book of madness is based on Wilhelm Reich’s book, ‘The Mass Psychology of Fascism’, and on the art of the officially insane.

The work on propaganda made me aware of how we are being manipulated all the time, everywhere. I wanted to share my discoveries, but soon I realised that the subject made people uneasy and also that this was not news to them. ‘That's the way it is’, most of them said. This made me begin to suspect that we somehow must agree, deep down, and probably without accepting it to ourselves, with the status quo. Manipulating the information alone is not enough to affect an individual if a psychological structure that allows this to happen is not present in the individual already. I thouhgt this was madness, and I decided to look at the art of the officially insane for inspiration to express it visually.


video art

video art: neighbours neighbours
video. 101 seconds. 2010.
video art: historical error historical error
video. 25 seconds. 2009.
video art: unadapted unadapted
video. 30 seconds. 2009.


other art projects

xyx28: encrypted feminist magazine art project encrypted feminist magazine
website, magazine and installation. 2007...
essence and existence art project essence and existence
installation. 2004
i love being with you art project i love being with u
art book. 2007.
You, fascist (or the holy trinity of manipulation) you, fascist (or the holy trinity of manipulation)
installation. 2003.
LAMPallure art project LAMPallure
text drawings. 2006.
The book of madness the book of madness
Qstnnr art project on-line qstnnr
questionnaire. 2006...
Propaganda propaganda
installation. 2003.
Laaaotfohc (language as an acknowledgement of the failure of human communication) art project laaaotfohc
installation. 2006.


paintings, drawings, and photographs

Grafeos grafeos
text paintings. 2003-2007
Paintings and drawings paintings and drawings
Photography photography


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