on-line qstnnr


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Please look at the text above and answer the following questions:

Did you try to decipher it?
Yes No
The above text makes you feel:
Bored Irritated Indifferent
Intrigued Frustrated Attracted
Bemused Other
In your opinion, which of these emotions does the text above contain/portray?
Desperation Aloofness Frustration
Arrogance Emptiness Desolation
Amusement Sensuality Isolation
None Other
About you
What is your gender?
Isolated Powerless
What is your ethnic origin?
At ease Uncomfortable
Ideological orientation:
The world is the way it is.
To affect the course of history, even slightly, is beyond my control.
Not interested. I am not a political person.
There is no such thing as a non-political individual.
The trend of society is determined by the majority of men and women.
In part by our apathy, in part by our passivity, and in part actively, we make tyranny and war possible. *


video art

video art: neighbours neighbours
video. 101 seconds. 2010.
video art: historical error historical error
video. 25 seconds. 2009.
video art: unadapted unadapted
video. 30 seconds. 2009.


other art projects

xyx28: encrypted feminist magazine encrypted feminist magazine
website, magazine and installation. 2007...
essence and existence art project essence and existence
installation. 2004
i love being with you art project i love being with u
art book. 2007.
You, fascist (or the holy trinity of manipulation) you, fascist (or the holy trinity of manipulation)
installation. 2003.
LAMPallure art project LAMPallure
text drawings. 2006.
The book of madness the book of madness
art book. 2003.
Qstnnr art project on-line qstnnr Propaganda propaganda
installation. 2003.
Laaaotfohc (language as an acknowledgement of the failure of human communication) art project laaaotfohc
installation. 2006.


paintings, drawings, and photographs

Grafeos grafeos
text paintings. 2003-2007
Paintings and drawings paintings and drawings
Photography photography


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