You, fascist (or the holy trinity of manipulation)

London 2003

You, fascist (or the holy trinity of manipulation) is a comment on how religion, education, mass media and repressed natural instincts prepare the ground for the success of propaganda.

Immaculate white, the spiritual, pure, perfect and elevated god (ideals and illusions)
The excuse. Ideals like purity, honour, perfection. Illusions like nation, race or proletariat. It is wrapped like a corpse in its immaculate shroud of perfection, because ideals don’t exist, and in that they resemble death.
Text, text, text, text, text, the medium that shapes us the spirit (the medium and the message)
The method. Words in books, the press, prayers, schools. Words that prepare us to perform in society, words that we don’t understand but we repeat, words that veil their true intentions.
What we are supposed to repress and what we should feel ashamed of, the low the virgin (repressed instincts)
The repressed. It symbolises our animal and sexual nature. Because it is such a vital impulse it cannot stay on the canvas despite repression. Centuries of inhibition have ended up entangling these instincts, when in reality they should be so obviously natural. It is interesting to note that this particular canvas seems to evoque feelings of disgust.

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How can public opinion be manipulated in a society with supposedly free media?

According to Chomsky, it is possible because the mass media are effective ideological institutions that support the system that supports them. They rely on market forces, internalised assumptions and self-censorship, and can thus do their work without obvious coercion.

However, when the ease with which alternative information reaches us is observed, regardless of the manipulation, it emerges that most people are aware of being deceived by governments and big business. We choose not to see and we allow it to happen. Deep down we seem to agree with an unfair system, and this must be due to some sort of mass psychological problem.

In the psyche of the average individual two contradictory elements co-exist. A social situation which inspires revolutionary attitudes, countered by hundreds of years of social and educational distortion that have made us fearful of freedom. Propaganda systems use this conflict to their advantage, adapting their message to our fears and subconscious desires in a subliminal way.

Reich says that our fear of freedom and poor critical faculty did not evolve naturally, it is the result of the machine-civilization and the patriarchal authoritarian society. The main tool in the production of subjects adapted to this type of society is the suppression of sexuality, particularly in women, children and adolescents. The inhibition of such an important life-impulse has a crippling effect on our ability to think and inhibits our critical faculty. We grow up docile and fearful of authority.

This is why all ideologies, the arts, science and religions reject our animal and sexual nature. This rejection can be disguised in the form of racial purity, class honour, spiritual and ethical nature or higher values. The church says it is for the sake of salvation beyond the grave and the Freudians say it takes place in the interest of culture. The fact is that this suppression adapts the human structure to their aims: the domination of the majority by a few. It is also responsible for the contradiction between our ideal ‘values’ and our actual behaviour. In this society, to be free and sexual is associated with feelings of fear and guilt. This fear of freedom is exploited by politicians, religions and big business. It is also responsible for the raise of fascism. Fascism in its pure form is the perfect example of this contradiction between the natural and the mechanical; it is a combination of rebellious emotions and reactionary social ideas. We all bear the elements of fascist feeling and thinking in our character.

Still according to Reich, the success of propaganda is also due to the fact that we don’t want to be reminded of our social responsibility. There is no such thing as a non-political individual. The trend of society is determined by the majority of men and women. In part by our apathy, in part by our passivity, and in part actively, we make tyranny and war possible.

In short, propaganda systems base their success on our fear of the natural and spontaneous in ourselves, on our lack of social responsibility and on our sexual misery. In ‘You, fascist (or the holy trinity of manipulation)’, all these elements are combined. The trinity is composed by the excuses (gods, ideals of perfection, beauty, racial purity, nations to fight for), the medium (the shaping of an adapted subconscious with the help of an education system, advertising and mass media), and what is actually repressed (our natural instincts, mainly the sexual one).


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