In this site I show my work as a designer together with my art projects. Because, although they might seem completely different at first sight, they both explore communication in a complementary way.

Good graphic design produces messages that are easy to assimilate in order to create an identity or sell a product. It is immediate and its aim is to reach the greatest number of people possible, encouraging them to act or to identify with an image that embodies specific ideas. It organises information so that it is easily absorbed without misunderstandings.

My art projects, on the contrary, question and distort. I play with language from two opposing perspectives. On one hand with the idea of what could be the collective, non-verbal, instinctive elements of written expression; and on the other with the use of language as a tool for social manipulation and misinformation.

I use abstract calligraphy and codes to explore these opposing perspectives. I use the unintelligibility of the message, apparently absurd, to arouse questions and doubts. Doubts about the origin of our identity; about the reliability of the mass media, the freedom of our education and the honesty of our governments. Questions about whether our values and principles are ours or imposed.


Verónica Pérez Karleson

Of Spanish-Swedish origin (maybe that is where my attraction for opposites comes from), I have been working for over ten years as a graphic designer in the UK and Spain. The artistic interest in the manipulation of information probably emerged from the need to understand the problems of communication when creating visual identities. Knowing why a message doesn’t reach its audience is part of understanding how to create one that will.

Currently I live in London, where I combine the work as a designer with the art practice.

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