About me

I am a multi-undisciplined artist who likes to reinvent canons.

I paint pictures and make video art.

Sometimes I write.

My work is a philosophical quest for the good life.

I like to play with stereotypes and symbols. I also use text in many forms.

In these videos, I talk about my work.

My work has been shown in the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, Croatia, Serbia, and Morocco.

In 2007, I graduated with an MA in Fine Arts from Central Saint Martins in London, where I live.

I was born in Malaga, Spain.

You can get in touch with me at veronicapk@grafeo.com.

Painting personal utopias

My paintings are philosophical speculations in which I reflect on the world I would like to see. 

At the beginning there were only eyes, mouths and abstract shapes. Gradually I added plants, women, babies and skulls.

My influences are eclectic. I am inspired by classical philosophies of the West and East.

Aesthetically, I draw inspiration from historical styles, such as cave paintings, ancient Greek art, and the Renaissance. Oriental calligraphy and Mediterranean religious iconography also inform my art.

Almost abstract painting in tones of pink, yellow and red with eyes and mouth.

Video art, drawings and installations

Before I started painting, I investigated propaganda techniques in democratic societies and various aspects of communication, such as the expressiveness of alphabets, the encryption of language, and the psychology of advertising.

Photograph of art installation in a dark space of several monitors on the floor and one large screen on a wall showing different art videos.
Colurolias, at Project 101 New York. Photo: Judy Goldhill

Exhibitions, screenings, presentations and other events

My work has been shown in London, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool, New York, Chefchaouen, Pula, Buzet, Rovinj, Belgrade, and Valencia.

Here you can see all the events.

For a few years after completing my MA, I was part of the artist collective AMBruno, founded by fellow artists Sophie Loss and Mary Yacoob.

At that time, my work was mostly conceptual and text-based. But when I became pregnant, I delved into colour theory and Taoist design techniques and started painting. Since then, I have focused on defining my philosophy in my paintings.

Working with Carlos.

Graphic Design Archive (1997-2011)

For about twenty years, I was a graphic and web designer.

I studied design in Malaga (Spain) at a small, but good, school called ABSE. The fundamental principles I learned there still influence my artistic work today.

Afterward, I worked in Malaga and London, in various companies and as a freelancer. I had fantastic colleagues, like Emiliano Orosa, and excellent teachers, like Carlos Balabasquer. Here you can see a talk with Carlos about art and design. Carlos has also let me use his music in some of my videos (Plotting, Presences, Finding Questions)

In London, while working at aDL in Soho, I met Reuben, a wonderful colleague who would later become my husband. Paul, my then boss, gave me Wednesdays off to study art, perhaps without realising that he was contributing to the beginning of the slow end of my career as a designer.

Here you can see some of my design work.