Photograph of a white cabinet with two shelves displaying one fold books and other projects by AMBruno.

AMBruno 2008-2014 One Fold Book retrospective

A representative survey of work produced by the group over six years.

My artwork for the project For 30 years I have been trying to wear this. A piece about the failure of neoliberalism.


Karen Blake, Marco Cali, Sara Dell’onze, Claire Deniau, Manya Doñaque, Kathryn Faulkner, Judy Goldhill, Barbara Greene, Jane Grisewood, Ingrid Jensen, Sharon Kivland, Philip Lee, Heidi Locher, Sophie Loss, John McDowall, Valerie Mary, Maureen O’Brien, Veronica Perez Karleson, Steve Perfect, Cally Trench.

Organised by Sophie Loss.