Art installations

Image of a black postcard with white and grey encrypted text.

Art as advertising to sell an identity

Art installation of a painting, some leaflets and an email address that sends an error message.


Laaaotfohc (Language as an acknowledgement of the failure of human communication)

Unintelligibility as a reflector of the self

A questionnaire where I experiment with encrypted text and the reactions it produces.


View through an arch of a room in an Arabic castle with terracotta coloured walls and wooden ceiling. There are two small canvases hanging on the wall and two pieces of paper with two stones on them by the window sill.

Culture hybrids

Installation about the influence of al-Andalus in the identity of Europe.


Essence existence

The creation of submissive identities

Installation about how people are raised to conform.


You, fascist (or the holy trinity of manipulation)

Black background with white text, partially crossed out by uneven lines. It says 'take one'.