Video art

Video still of a close up view of some waves on the sea, with a superimposed type of compass rose in white outline, with the phases of the moon in the outside circle.
Video still of a red screen with some cell like pattern and a square in the middle with a vertical oblique blurred slit to the side.
Video still with a black background and two floating green eyes and a vertical smiling mouth.

The strangeness of motherhood

Beautiful and surreal.


Vídeo still in the style of a video game of a woman’s body with a breast, with several small babies floating towards it and away from it while a formula bottle shoots at the babies from the bottom of the screen, where there is also a score box for the game.

If profit is more important than people

The weakest suffer most.


Video screen of the close up of a foot on a scale showing a 0.

False ideals of beauty

Instead of seeking freedom and knowledge.

Historical Error

Video still of black screen with white text that says "Milk the dog".
Video still showing a black background with two blurry blue eyes and a blurry vertical mouth towards the left of the screen.

A society designed for others

And by others.


Vídeo still of scrolling white text on black background in two columns, one with times of the day, the other with the description of noises heard. Example: 15.51 Child wailing, banging.