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‘For 30 years I have been trying to wear this’ at the AMBruno 2008-2014 One Fold Book retrospective

Art exhibition – 3rd March – 3rd April 2014 – Tom Trusky Exhibition Cases, Quiet Room, Bower Ashton Library, University of West England, Bristol, UK

A representative survey of work produced by the group over six years.

Organised by Sophie Loss.

“AMBruno is an alliance of artists, established by Sophie Loss and Mary Yacoob in 2008, initially with MA Fine Art graduates from Central Saint Martins College of Art. The artists have diverse individual practices, including painting, photography, video, performance, printmaking and sculpture, but are brought together by a common interest in the medium of the book. Since 2009 the group’s activities has been coordinated and developed by Sophie Loss, with the advice and support of fellow members.

AMBruno has shown artists’ books in exhibitions and at events such as fairs since 2008. Since 2011, for such occasions, participants have been invited to engage with a given theme, such as Blue, One-Fold Books, Black Circle, 16, and Lines. In addition to these book works, related projects have included newly commissioned 101-second films shown in New York in 2011, an exhibition of works on paper in Porto in 2012 and prints at Multiplied in October 2013.”

From the website

Photo: Sophie Loss

Go to For 30 years I have been trying to wear this, an illustration on the failure of neoliberal economy.

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