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About me

I am an artist and I make paintings, videos and text based art.

My subjects are philosophical and social. I like playing with stereotypes and symbols to create new meanings. I also use texts that can sometimes be read and other times are encrypted. The unintelligible is a metaphor of the hidden or secret, of what we ignore or of what is censored. Colour, or lack thereof, is also an important element in my work.

Mini biography

I was born in Malaga in 1973, of Swedish mother and Spanish father. This mix of cultures probably explains a great part of my work.

I studied graphic design in Malaga, in the early 1990s, and then worked as a designer within various companies as well as freelancing, both in Malaga and London.

Later, in 2007, I graduated from the MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London. My artwork has been shown in UK, Spain, USA, Croatia, Serbia and Morocco.

Recently, I have added colour psychology and face reading to my artwork. I studied Applied Colour Psychology with Angela Wright in 2017 and graduated from the Master Face Reading Certification Programme with Lillian Bridges in 2018.

I live in London.

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