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Category: Art

Videos, paintings, drawings and installations.


The more I cover myself the more the sorrow emerges.

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Video. HD 49″. 2015

Economics is a video about the damaging effect that manipulating economic theories can have on society. The words are displaced and end up macabre.

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Video. HD 1′ 10″. 2015

Motherhood can be so strange and natural. In this video I sing a lullaby to my daughter that my mother and my grandmother used to sing.

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Video. HD 1′ 13″. 2015

Sometimes we choke on our own conformism and decide that we are not going to contribute to the disaster any longer.

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Video. HD 1′ 33″. 2013

Game rules: you are an infant formula milk manufacturer. Breast milk decreases your profit. You must stop the babies from reaching the breast.

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Video. HD 11′ 50″. 2011

“What you recognise to be inferior you must immediately leave behind. Lingering with negativity invites a disaster now” I Ching

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Video. HD 1’ 41”. 2010

“If you rely on another for your peace of mind, your balance is lost” I Ching

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Historical error

Video. HD 25″. 2009

Historical error is about how certain attitudes and aspirations are promoted as feminine, while others are repressed.

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