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Video. HD 49″. 2015

Economics is a video about the damaging effect that manipulating economic theories can have on society.

The Boston Matrix is a marketing tool developed in the 70s that is used to plan an investment strategy. To establish whether it is worth investing in a product, one has to be able to determine which part of the cycle the product is in. The product can be a star, a cow, a problem child or a dog.

  • Star: your product is selling better than the market level. Invest in the star.
  • Cow: your share rises along with the market. Milk the cow.
  • Problem child: the market is expanding but your product doesn’t sell. Treat the child.
  • Dog: both the market and your product are going badly. Shoot the dog.

In the video the words are displaced in order and end up creating a macabre final scene. Unfortunately also in real life the games played by those who control our financial markets end up having macabre consequences.

You can read more about the ideas that inspired my artwork on economics and ethics in my text Adam Smith & neoliberal nonsense.

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