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Habelas hainas

“Eu non creo nas meigas, mais habelas, hainas” 

(I don’t believe in witches, but exist, they do).

Galician saying


A skeptical and at the same time natural coexistence with mystery.

Habelas hainas is a portal between worlds. Nature and culture, the Mediterranean world and the Nordic. The Celtic culture of the north of Spain, where my father was from, and the Swedish forests where I spent time as a child, full of white anemones, my grandfather’s favourite flower. 

Anemone means daughter of the wind. In ancient Greece it was associated to the winds that announce spring. For the Romans, it was lucky and protected from fevers, which is why they grew them in their gardens. In the East it represents death.

In the painting there are also presences of ancient knowledge. Knowledge about how to be in nature, how to cure with herbs, how to listen, how to feel part of the magic.

Acrylic and metallic paint on canvas.

75 cm x 120 cm