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Sacred family ties

I betrayed you

with my silence I allowed them to harm you with impunity

I was afraid

to be disliked

afraid of the inevitable change

of others finding out

So I let you suffer

in my wilful blindness

waiting for the storm to pass

in the hope to leave everything behind

Or better still, for it to never have happened

I let them do

What would you have done?

I did not know how to love you


Sacred Family Ties is the painting of a woman who puts family ties before human dignity.

She has sacrificed her truth for her clan. She has hidden abuse to keep the family together. She knows that what she did was wrong, but she still wants others to do the same. She has betrayed herself and it weighs on her. She feels bitter, resentful and disappointed.

Acrylic and metallic paint on canvas.

50 cm x 50 cm