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What they might say

Look at you

What are they going to think of you?

People will imagine a thousand things

They will stop talking to me

You must behave like a lady,

dress as the lord wants and commands

Don’t tell them what you think


Even if it breaks you and your soul dies

That does not matter

You are nothing


What they might say is a painting about the obsession with the opinions of others. This woman does not seek her own truth, but rather she adapts to the truths of others. She grew up in a repressed environment, and she doesn’t have a smooth relationship with her own emotions.

She may have had a dominant figure in her childhood who would get very angry, and she fears anger, or a family in which she could never express anger. In any case, she is not expressing hers, and that prevents her from fully accessing her own life force.

Acrylic on canvas.

50 cm x 50 cm.