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Pink series: Balance

“Pink series” contains herbs to balance the creative cycle. Gotu kola, Black cohosh, and Chaste tree soothe the heart, scare away inner demons and those of others. They also remind you of where you came from and where you want to go, and help you focus if you get lost.

They can be used to improve the sprouting of feral ancestral wisdom on the journey towards the self.

Use them to reduce hot flushes caused by stagnation and vital claustrophobia. They also help release trapped emotions.

Water hemlock, can be helpful in case you need to get rid of things along the way.

Side effects: May reduce your ability to hide you’re really a witch, put up with nonsense, and care about other people’s opinions. 

Warning: Pink is a color that calms the body, but used in excess it can cause passivity.