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Series of paintings: Botanical studies

The Botanical Studies series are portraits of medicinal plants used to treat political problems.

Botanical studies are portraits of medicinal herbs to cure political problems.

I suggest remedies that release anger, nourish dreams, and help focus on goals while enjoying the way.

The paintings are inspired by the idea of ​​growing, cooking and healing with plants as a traditionally feminine art, which also produces pleasure. Also, on the witch as a bearer of ancestral knowledge that helps other women to decide over their own bodies.

When I read a book on hormonal health by Linda Crockett (Healing Our Hormones Healing Our Lives), I got the impression that many emotional problems are the result of the lack of appreciation of women in society.

I grouped the problems into four: anger, tiredness and lack of dreams, lack of role models (due to the lack of freedom to do things and women being erased from history) and the repression of sexual pleasure.

I assigned each problem a color and four or five remedies that help alleviate it.

Green is for releasing anger, and contains burdock, dandelion and milk thistle to treat the liver. It also has belladonna, to remind us not to put beauty ideals before health.

White is to calm the nerves, rest better and think more clearly. The remedies are valerian, lime blossom and yarrow as relaxants, and meadowsweet as an anti-inflammatory.

Pink is for nourishing the body and balancing hormonal cycles. It includes chaste tree, gotu kola and cohosh as tonics. The hemlock is in case you have to get rid of an enemy.

Orange is for the pleasure of the senses through food and sex. The orange herbs are saffron, fenugreek, red ginseng, maca and caltrop to increase culinary and sexual enjoyment.

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