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Series of paintings: Botanical studies

“Botanical studies” are portraits of medicinal herbs to cure political problems.  

I suggest remedies that release anger, nourish dreams, and help focus while enjoying the journey.

The paintings are inspired by the idea of ​​growing, cooking and healing with plants as a traditionally feminine art, which also give pleasure. As well as looking at the witch as a bearer of ancestral knowledge to help other women decide over their own bodies.

When I read a book on hormonal health by Linda Crockett (Healing Our Hormones Healing Our Lives), I got the impression that many emotional problems that eventually show up as illness, are the result of the lack of appreciation of women in society.

I grouped the problems into four: anger, tiredness and lack of dreams, lack of role models (due to the lack of freedom to do things and women being erased from history) and the repression of sexual pleasure.

Each problem has some medicinal herbs to alleviate it and a colour: green to release anger, white to calm the nerves, pink to nourish the body and orange for the pleasure of the senses.