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Series of paintings: Gathering Ling

“Gathering Ling” is an (unfinished) series of paintings inspired by the idea of absorbing the magic of the cosmos through nature and colour.

In ancient Daoist philosophy, Ling is the magic of the cosmos expressed through natural beauty in all its power and subtlety. Thunder and lightning are Ling, but also the sound of snow falling and light through dew drops.

In order to be able to absorb Ling, we have to be out in nature, the wilder the better.

Learning to absorb the magic of the cosmos through nature is one of the longevity secrets of Dao philosophy. To achieve it one has to be in a receptive, or Yin state, the feminine creative power. 

Colour is also Ling.

The paintings are based on healing through colour in Daoist design. Each painting represents one of the five elements in ancient Chinese philosophy.

The series is dedicated to Lillian Bridges, my face reading and Daoist design teacher, who used to say: “When you are feeling grey, take a basket and go out in nature to collect Ling”.