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Tag: Feminist

On the value systems that promote a negative view of the feminine, the historical invisibility of women, and the prejudices and propaganda against feminism.


Video. HD 1′ 10″. 2015

Motherhood can be so strange and natural. In this video I sing a lullaby to my daughter that my mother and my grandmother used to sing.

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Video. HD 1′ 33″. 2013

Game rules: you are an infant formula milk manufacturer. Breast milk decreases your profit. You must stop the babies from reaching the breast.

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Video. HD 11′ 50″. 2011

“What you recognise to be inferior you must immediately leave behind. Lingering with negativity invites a disaster now” I Ching

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Art and activism

I am a feminist, does that make my art feminist by default? If my artwork is specifically feminist, is it still art or does it become propaganda?

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