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‘Unadapted’ video at SLET080311 Flocking of Birds

Art screening and streaming – 8 March 2011 – Croatia, Serbia, United Kingdom, Spain

On-line streaming and gallery screening event showing a compilation of work by emerging and established female artists in celebration of the 100th international women’s day.

Istria: Galerija Makina (Pula), MMC Luka (Pula), POU Rovinj, POU Buzet

London: Women’s Art Library (MAKE), Charterhouse Bar, If Not Then What @ Chelsea College of Art and Design

Belgrade: Muzei Istorije Jugoslavije

Valencia: Arte&Facto Centro Cultural

Streaming:, & Facebook


Organised and curated by Lara Ritosa Roberts.

“To mark 100 years since the first International Women’s Day, and in honour of female courage, determination and achievement Performans klub Fiskulturnik presents, a celebratory slice of present-day performance & video by a diverse, digital sisterhood. Slet 080311 is conceived as an international digital festival of works by female artists who use their own body as an expressive tool or are exploring a concept of the body / identity through image and movement. Featuring eclectic footage – from live & performance art, through circus and dance, to photography and video – Slet 080311 is a versatile collection of works created by both emerging and established contemporary artists. The footage will be webcast on-line at and simultaneously screened, at a number of cities in Europe on the 8th of March 2011 – the 100th International Women’s day.

Conceptualising each artist as a cell, equally essential in the construction of this collective digital body, the participants connect into a creative mass that celebrates and commemorates the history of female suffrage, feminist movements and universal themes around female identity. All in all– a true flocking of ‘birds’!”

From the event booklet




Curious ‘Suffragettes Invented Performance Art’, 2002, 4 min 30 sec


Title image: EMMA SKELDON from ‘Finding Emptiness’, 2008, 1 min

Lara Ritosa Roberts & PKF ‘Yugoyoga’, (excerpt), 2010, 3 min

Oriana Fox ‘The Embodiment Workout’, 2005, 6 min 36 sec

Silvia Pavone ‘Atma’, 2010, 5 min

Nikolina Nikoleski ‘Bho Shambo’, 2008, 7 min

Megumi Eda ‘Life is long’, 2002, 7 min 45 sec

Sophie Kasser & Moveo ‘Revealed’, (excerpt), 2010, 6 min

Kira O’Reilly ‘Untitled Action for Fierce’, 2010, 1 min 39 sec

Fragments from HERstory

Title image: JULIJANA KOCANOVIC GRUBIC from ‘Lavoris’, 2011, 1 min

Sonia Boyce in collaboration with Ain Bailey ‘Oh Adelaide’, 2010, 7 min 11 sec

Piglet & Butcher Boy ‘Contamination of a Gallery’, 2005, 2 min 32 sec

Ivana Peranic ‘Flags’, (excerpt), 2010, 1 min 20 sec

Erika Cuk, Natasha Stanic & SDNA ‘Close to the mine’, (excerpt), 2006, 5 min 2 sec

PAVES 2009/10 (excerpt), 9 min 10 sec

Ivana Natasa Turkovic ‘Butoh-neto’, (excerpt), 2010, 6 min

Stacy Makhishi ‘Eat more spam’ , 2002/03, 3 min 11 sec

Polona Dolzan ‘Alpen Von Blonde- Go Home’, (excerpt), 2008, 1 min 44 sec

OXYTOCIN – C43 H66 N12 O12 S2

Title image: OLJA STIPANOVIC ‘Untitled [Tickled pink]’, 1 min

Lucy Cash ‘Three Minute Wonder’, 2000, 3 mins

Sanna Kuittinen ‘Dance’, 2009, 3 min 19 sec

Nela Milic ‘Wedding Bellas’, 2010, 3 min

Valentina Lacmanovic ‘Shedrvish [Framed], 2008, 8 min 2 sec

Elena Skoko ‘Happy Hormones’, 2009, 3 min 6 sec

Gina Czarnecki ‘Nascent’, 2005, (excerpt), 3 min


Title image: DEEPA CRAIG ‘Epiphany’, 2011

Veronica Perez Karleson ‘Unadapted’, 2009, 30 sec

Susanne Ohmann ‘Goddog’, 2009, 11 min 45 sec

Nhandan Chirico ‘Streamline Project – Queens’, (excerpt), 2010, 1 min 37 sec

Virginia Garcia Ramos ‘Azul Pollo’, 2010, 2 min 4 sec

Zory Shahrokhi ‘Masks’, 2002, 1 min 20 sec

Rebecca Feiner ‘Exhumation’, 2009, 3 min 30 sec

Lydia Maria Julien ‘BT24’, 2006/07, 1 min 9 sec

Lisa Flynn ‘Drawing Breath’, 2007, 1 min 29 sec

Emma Hart ‘Skin Film’, 2004, 11 min & 300 feet long


Anna Furse ‘Glassbody’, 2008, 25 min

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