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To whom forgets

Don’t look for the straight line,

The one that goes on forever,

divided into comfortable instalments.

Life may be more of a ringlet

riddled with errors and

crazy curls.

Which is why,

everything returns


To whom forgets is a video about the cycles of life, the moon and creativity.

The title refers to the cyclical nature of life and the fact that the unresolved keeps coming back, even when it seems long forgotten.

Inspired by the phases of the moon and the reproductive cycle: birth, flower, fruit and death. The video starts at menstruation, during the new moon, goes through to ovulation at the full moon and returns to menstruation.

Over several menstrual cycles, I noted changes in the body, energy levels, sleep quality and types of dreams, mood, libido, digestion, and the phases of the moon. With the results I made a lunar compass rose.

At the beginning is the primordial sea, an amniotic fluid with its waves of hormones, preparing for creation. Ovulation is the emptiness that holds all possibilities. In this video there is no physical fertilisation, the energy that is released is the creative fire.

Water and fire are a source of food and well-being. But both can also bring death and destruction. The creative force is powerful in the same way, and repressing it is dangerous.

Video HD

1920×1080 (1.0) 3 min 5 sec, 30fps