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  • Prissylined and rigourdettes

    Prissylined and rigourdettes

    Art conceals a truth that it cannot reveal, for to do so would betray it, yet it must be present, for without it, it would not be art.

  • Klee’s silent resistance

    Klee’s silent resistance

    Klee, who suffered the consequences of crisis, wars and nazi madness, kept being able to create subtlety.

  • Siluettes 


    There are artists who love art and artists who love being artists.

  • Enemies of good art

    Enemies of good art

    Without children there is no humanity. To say that something as important as the destiny of humanity is incompatible with art is absurd.

  • Emanating we will conquer

    Emanating we will conquer

    Colours matter. I am convinced that a more joyful palette would contribute towards taking us out of the crisis.

  • Plants do it better

    Plants do it better

    While we waited for the tea we marvel at the fact that time passes so slowly when the space is irritating.

  • Mira Schendel 

    Mira Schendel 

    When I discover an artist that did decades ago what in my mind is barely the sketch of a possibility I suffer a kind of artistic-existential short circuit.

  • What the toilet unites

    What the toilet unites

    In art, form always wins over content. If the content is protest-oriented and the form is conventional, the work becomes conventional.

  • Crab utopia

    Crab utopia

    The ones that defined the former rules should not be allowed to define the new ones because we have already seen how badly they worked.