Paper with metallic paint, open jar of light gold and lid, lid with white paint and brush with paint, on cardboard background.

I visualise, therefore it exists

Visualisation is a powerful tool. Today I read that it is easier to lose weight if we imagine ourselves thin. Apparently, the brain doesn’t distinguish between a thought based on a reality outside of us and an invented one. Each thought has power because of its content, not because of its veracity.

Art has known for thousands of years something that seems a relatively new discovery for science: a reality exists from the moment it is imagined. Whether or not it translates into an actual object. The difference between thought and materialisation is that the second can be shared with more people for longer.

Realities are created, and once they exist they cannot be uncreated. The new possibility that a work of art shows us stays in us even if the work disappears. That is why art is so important.

Religion and other powers have know art’s ability to create realities for a long time, and they continue to use it to convince souls that obedience is necessary, whether to deities or the market, it doesn’t matter. Many continue to try to control artists, the most advanced authorities call it administration, and do it by commissioning artwork in the subjects they want to promote. Others, less subtle, directly censor and eliminate.

For me, as an artist and as a person, once I understood that we all create realities with our thoughts and our work, it is important to take an honest look at what we are creating around us. If we are collaborating in the creation of a world in which we want to live, or if we simply let ourselves be fooled by the realities created for us by others, not wanting to see that we are being led to the slaughterhouse.