Photograph of art exhibition with artwork on the walls, floor and free standing plinths. There is a sculpture of a cracked plaster baby in the foreground, some photographs in glass boxes on the floor, and other artwork.


15 artists explore the concept of identity.

My artwork for the exhibition is Laaaotfohc (Language as an acknowledgement of the failure of human communication). A piece about the confusion between identity and market and art and advertising. 

I also did de graphic design for the exhibition.


Michael Ballard, Marco Calí, Sergio Cruz, Sara Dell’Onze, Claire Deniau, Marcin Dudek, Francesca Galeazzi, Judy Goldhill, Esther Jervis, Lydia Maria Julien, Sophie Loss, Brendan Murphy, Maureen O’Brien, Verónica Pérez Karleson, Shelley Rae, Lara Ritosa-Roberts, Joanna Salter, Cally Trench, Alvin Watt and Mary Yacoob.

Organised by Brendan Murphy.