Photograph of screen on a stand showing a black background with white scrolling text, standing in a museum gallery with ancient displays on the walls and in cabinets.

Leeds 13th International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair

A series of works of 101 seconds inspired by the theme “101”.

My artwork for the project is Neighbours. A video about my worst nightmare at the time.


Marco Calí, Kristian De La Riva, Sara Dell’Onze, Claire Deniau, Antonella Ferrari, Warren Garland, Judy Goldhill, Joanna Hill, Kobi Israel, Kim Kielhofner, Yaron Lapid, Heidi Locher, Sophie Loss, John McDowall, Katherine Melancon, Verónica Pérez Karleson, Steve Perfect, Rekha Sameer, Chan Kin Sing, and Carl Slater.

Curated by Sophie Loss and Joanna Hill..

Organised by AMBruno.