Line drawing in black ink on white background of a gooseneck barnacle with angry eyes, on a wave

Metarrational women

One of the stereotypes in this society with misogynistic tendencies is that women are irrational. As with all enduring stereotypes, it has a grain of truth. But it is incomplete, and malicious. Because irrational is used to mean a lack of rationality. When in reality it could perfectly well mean beyond reality or surpassing it. Instead, we could be called arrational, or metarrational, with respect and admiration. Reason is an exceptional tool to reason with, but to use it to resolve questions for which reason is insufficient, of which there are many, is not, (let’s say it just to annoy) very reasonable.

Without the irrational there would be no intuition, nor creativity, nor unconditional love, nor poetry. Art would not exist. If I had to reason all my creative activity I wouldn’t create anything. My videos, my paintings, my drawings, my texts, they would all be stillborn. Art feeds off irrationality, of what cannot be understood with words and numbers. If it could be reduced to some sentences and fit in a mathematical structure it would lose its reason for being. And when art is good and it reaches us, we understand it with that bit of ourselves that understands that which can’t be explained.

Which is why, when women are called irrational, what is being admitted is a great ignorance. An inability to accept untamed knowledge, an impossibility to process information that hasn’t been chewed by someone else already. People that accuse women of being irrational lack imagination and humility, they miss the part of the brain that admits that there are things that they can’t understand, and that the brain is also grateful for it.

The problem is not really the misogynists. The problem is the power that we give them when we believe the pathetic theoretical justifications that are erected to hide the fear of what they cannot apprehend. And when, because of their influence, we deny our own power. Misogynous people suffer a great void because, even if they might know how to reason, they lack reason.