Video still showing a black background with white scroll down text through the middle of it, listing the noises that can be heard from the neighbours. For example: "17.40 Child wailing".

Preambles and Perambulations

An exhibition of contemporary art to celebrate Dickens legacy.

My artwork for the project is Neighbours. A video about the nightmare of noise, shown as an intervention together with the museum video.


Larry Achiampong, Bram Thomas Arnold, David Berridge, Marco Cali, Maurice Carlin, Jeremy Evans, Anna Chapman, Pippa Koszerek, Yaron Lapid, Sophie Loss, Jane Madell, Penny Matheson, Aidan McNeill, Duane Moyle, Dermot O’Brien, Gary O’Connor, Claudia Passeri, Steve Perfect, Veronica Perez Karleson, Jonathan Trayner, Mary Yacoob.

Curated by Mary Yacoob, Marco Cali and Pippa Koszerek.

Organised by Island Projects.