Photograph of art installation in a dark space of several monitors on the floor and one large screen on a wall showing different art videos. Seen through a shop front with the text "therogersmithhotel" and a piece of paper with information about the show. The shop window reflects the buildings, lights and passersby at night.

Project 101 video works

An installation of 101 silent videos of 101 seconds by 40 artists.

The LAB Gallery is a converted storefront aimed at the passersby. The videos are shown on monitors distributed throughout the space.

My artwork for the project is Colurolias. A journey through consciousness from the individual body to the collective spirit.


Charlotte Andrew, John Archer, Louise Atkinson, Joseph Cutts, Sara Dell’Onze, Claire Deniau, Manya Doñaque, Warren Garland, Clara Glyn, Tim Goffe, Judy Goldhill, Joanna Greenhill, Jane Grisewood, Joanna Hill, Lilian Igbinsun, Ingrid Jensen, Carl Jaycock, Kurt Johannessen, Paul Jones, Sean Kaye & Jenny West, Noe Kidder, Sharon Kivland, Yaron Lapid, Philip Lee, Simon Lewandowski, Toby Lloyd, Sophie Loss, John McDowall, Katherine Melancom, Steve Perfect, Verónica Pérez Karleson, Christina Reading, Lucy Reynolds, Tim Riley & Georgia Elizey, Rekha Sameer, Carl Slater, Susan Trangmar, Cally Trench, and Helen Wood.

Curators: Sophie Loss and Joanna Hill. 

Project developed and co-ordinated by Sophie Loss and John McDowall.