I write to organise my ideas.

Defining positions

After landing on feminism in 2006, I spent a few years researching and reflecting.

In London around 2010, when I wrote these articles, feminism was considered an outdated, even offensive, topic.

The reason why (feminist story)

The merits of women and men are not measured equally. The old error of considering women inferior is still around.

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Beautiful women

Um, I never liked this stereotype, it’s so ugly, but it’s a gift from society and I’m reluctant to just throw it away.

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Propaganda against feminism

Short text written in 2009 in response to a survey for the book Reclaiming the F-word. The New Feminist Movement by Catherine Redfern and Kristin Aune

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Plato and feminism

Those who want to imagine they are superior try to create ideals of perfection that resemble them.

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Art or activism

I am a feminist. Does that make my work inherently feminist? If I make feminist art, does it become propaganda?

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The future of art is feminist

This article was written for the European Feminist Forum in 2009 as part of the debate about financing feminist art organised by Switch Metaphors.

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Behind the artwork

These are some texts that accompany my artwork on propaganda, economy and birth between 2003 and 2013.

The Politics of Breastfeeding by Gabrielle Palmer

Having to go back to work is one of the main causes mothers stop breastfeeding or don’t even start.

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Consumerism as a diversion from politics

Confusing personal desires with collective rights has its roots in the principles of marketing, back when it was still called propaganda and had just been invented.

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On how we are meant to give birth

Why do people think it’s okay to tell a pregnant woman how to give birth?

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Adam Smith & neoliberal nonsense

Smith is not interested in how things are, but in how they should be. Adam Smith attacked greed and defended moderation, decency and justice.

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