Paintings, video art, drawings, installations.

Portrait of a Victorian lady in sepia tones with a huge eye and a serious face.

Dear madness:

I hope this letter finds you in good health.

They locked me up for being unsubmissive,

even when perfectly sane.

I managed to escape and I discovered

that you are poorly defined.

Come visit me.

I will make you a beautiful garden.

Yours sometimes

Painting of red flower with the petals in the shape of a vulva and looks like a fruit, on orange background.
Painting of a phoenix bird with mouth and eye, surrounded by golden and white bubbles, on brown background.

Flowers the colour of your blood

Study the colour of your blood when you see it next time. The bright red when it just comes out, the darker one when it coagulates, the brownish tone when it dries. All of those reds will strengthen you and make you look good.

Be with flowers the colour of your blood.

From the Gathering Ling series of paintings.

Red painting with flower, veins and red blood cells.

I found your heart amongst the tomatoes

You must have lost it in the rush

It surprised me how small it is

so neglected and sad

with no pockets

From the Art Histories series of paintings.

Painting of a green woman on ochre background in ancient Egyptian style shouting while holding a small red heart in her hand.

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