Drawings, text based art and artist books

Drawing of black calligraphic gestural stroke on white background.

Capture the energy of the day

One drawing first thing in the morning. Only one.

Silently painted while you sleep

Small watercolours of mother and baby.

Magnificum lacte

Watercolour of a semi abstract fragment of a breastfeeding baby and her mother. Pink and white.

Keeping knowledge secret

An illustration about women who had to hide their intellectual abilities.

Digital illustration of the black silhouette of a woman working at a desk, with blue legs. The image, of simple lines, is framed in an elaborate golden oval frame.
Digital illustration of four bald Barbie heads without eyes and teeth, on snake like bodies covered in black lace.

All false ideals of beauty

An illustration combining beauty ideals from different times and cultures.

Snake barbies

Reflections on life

A series of illustrations for my old blog.

Feminist gooseneck barnacles

Line drawing in black ink on white background of two gooseneck barnacles with eyes but no mouth, looking at each other.
Digital illustration made of pieces of clothes patterns and text about economy. White background, black text and grey-greenish shapes.

A comment on the failure of neoliberalism

An illustration made up of fragments of clothes patterns and economic theory.

For 30 years I have been trying to wear this

Reconnecting with the vertical mouth

Three accordion booklets where I begin to play with eyes and vertical mouths.

Casting waginas

Photograph of an accordion artist book with white text in a pattern of squares on one side, and blurred collaged faces with two eyes and one vertical mouth on the other. On black cardboard.
Photograph of two hands holding a brow envelope open to show that it has been painted black on the inside with some untidy white text.

An envelope written on the inside

B5 brown envelope painted with Chinese ink and white ink.

Envelope for Mary

Text drawing of white hand writing in horizontal and vertical lines crossing in a black square that sits centred into a large dark grey square.
Dark grey background with lines of white handwritten texts that gets increasingly messy.

A small quest for calm

Four drawings while struggling with noisy neighbours.

I can’t concentrate

Playing with different alphabets

Seeking vestiges of a collective subconscious of written expression.

Abstract calligraphy

Some drawings experimenting with the gesture of writing without meaning. Inspired by the idea of abstract calligraphy as a path towards enlightenment.

Abstract calligraphy

Abstract expressionist drawing of overlapping calligraphic gestures in charcoal and acrylic. Predominantly white, with some black and brown.
Drawing of abstract calligraphic gestures in black charcoal on a white and grey background with smudges areas of grey paint.

Organic forms in the beginning of writing

Some drawings inspired by paleo Arabic writing.

Paleo Arabic

Starting to explore the gesture of writing

The grafeos give name to this website. They are series of drawings and paintings that mark the beginning of the transition between my work as a designer and my work as an artist.


Abstract expressionist painting of overlapping calligraphic gestures in charcoal and acrylic. Predominantly black and white.
A sketchbook full of handwritten untidy text that goes from one diagonal line on the first page to a mess of an almost dark page full with unintelligible text at the end.

Is there collective madness?

A messy sketchbook.

Book of madness

Drawing with layers of text and dripping black ink, white and greys.